Beautiful words everywhere – or May the Tube never change

I find beautiful words everywhere – accidental, historical and just giving me pause to think about the wonder of words. Walking through a wet Kings Cross, the tannoy announces ‘due to today’s inclement weather the surfaces are slippery, please take… continue reading »

Threading your plot through your novel

In some ways, it doesn’t look like much.  Just a set of scrawled, crossed out columns on a scrappy piece of file paper.  It’s actually a section of JK Rowling’s plotting for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.… continue reading »

Don’t smirk at me

I hate authors using the word ‘smirk’.  In a typical week, I will come across four or five characters smirking away.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against someone having a sneaky mean grin at someone else’s expense –… continue reading »

A Writing Blog Tour

I’ve been tagged in a writing blog tour – aimed at those of us who write for a living.  I don’t write novels or fiction, but I do write reports for my clients, which is why mymumdom has included me.… continue reading »

What’s a review worth?

  If self-publishing means everyone can be a writer, then the internet means anyone can be a critic.  There’s something intoxicating about being asked for your opinion on everything you buy, from batteries to Christmas turkey.  Do you succumb?  What… continue reading »

Holiday reading summer 2013

It’s going to be a kindle only holiday for me this year.  My husband’s plan has worked very well and I have been stocking up electronically for the last few months.  There was one small flaw – actually make that… continue reading »

JK Rowing’s secret life

UPDATED TO ADD REVIEW It’s just come to light that a well-reviewed crime writer, Robert Galbraith, is actually JK Rowling, writing without the full glare of expectation and scrutiny – and doing rather well.  (Doing rather well for a first time crime… continue reading »

The questions I always get asked

When I tell people what my job is, I get a variety of            responses.  This blog post is an attempt to answer those responses…       No, I did not turn down J.K. Rowling.… continue reading »

What’s the point in short stories?

Sometimes an author contacts me and my heart sinks.  I promise this is rare.  The heart-sink moment is prompted by the author telling me that they write in poetry or they write short stories, and that they have great plans… continue reading »

My day at the LBF 2013

 In another life I used to be a Rights Manager.  Book Fairs consisted of 3-5 days (depending on where they were) of back-to-back meetings every 15 mins, explaining the concepts of colour therapy and alien abduction to bemused Ukrainian publishers. Now I… continue reading »

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